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porcelain jewellery and ceramics
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Minimal blue glazed porcelain Nerikomi pendant
Minimal blue glazed porcelain Nerikomi pendant

Minimal blue glazed porcelain Nerikomi pendant

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This cute minimal porcelain pendant is a mixture of modern geometrical style and bright boho colours, that will add a creative highlight to your unique style!

  • Handcrafted by artist: I created this contemporary fashion jewellery piece from the scratch, and you can never find the same one elsewhere.
  • Japanese inspiration: To achieve the colour patterns, I applied Nerikomi - contemporary Japanese art technique of marbling and cutting coloured porcelain and clay. 
  • Waterproof and resistant: You can definitely swim and shower with it, and colors will never fade away. 
  • Fortified by fire: this unique jewellery piece has been fired twice at 1150 and then 1260 degrees Celsius, this is when porcelain and pigments look best and achieve glossy and resistant surface and brightness of colours. 
  • Adjustable to fit you: the closure is designed with two sliding knots, which you can move anytime to adjust the lenght of the string to your needs. 

I ship worldwide! 

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