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porcelain jewellery and ceramics
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Elegant tiny porcelain Nerikomi drops necklace

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This unique handcrafted contemporary ceramic necklace consists of 7 porcelain beads resembling drops. I made it applying variety of art techniques to achieve irrepeatable color effects and glossy surface. The tones of handcrafted ceramic beads are natural and organic, which makes it a great fit to most of outfits!

  • Handmade by artisan: each bead is shaped and coloured by hand at the ceramic studio, without using any moulds. This kind of process makes them look eye-catching and artsy.
  • Natural materials: my priority is to be sustainable, I love using natural materials coming directly from mother nature. In case of this necklace, I used white porcelain and natural oxides and pigments to achieve the colour effect.
  • Nerikomi technique: to create the color pattern on the porcelain beads, I applied the Japanese marbling technique. 
  • Fortified by fire: custom ceramic beads are fired twice under high temperature in a special ceramic kiln, because only then porcelain reaches it´s best condition and look. After firing, beads become resistant and glossy on surface.
  • Waterproof: the process of making ceramic jewellery leaves them completely waterproof, so that you could swim and bath wearing it and colors never fade away.
  • Adjustable to fit you: you can adjust the length of the string anytime and wear this necklace long or a choker style, depending on your mood and clothing. 
  • An ideal present: it will come nicely wrapped and ready to be gifted to someone special or kept for yourself. 

Order today and wear the representation of nature and art, reflecting the harmony between elements!

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