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porcelain jewellery and ceramics
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Porcelain circle pendant on a silver chain

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Handmade porcelain pendant necklace, created by myself from the scratch at my ceramic studio. I applied Nerikomi - contemporary Japanese art technique, to achieve the unique color patterns. This pendant is great for both men and women who love eye-catching, but modest and minimal jewellery that attracts attention and highlights your outfits. The colours of this pendant resemble the stunning peacocks tail.

  • Handcrafted at the studio: I created this tiny pendant necklace from the scratch at my home studio, which makes it unique. 
  • Natural materials: the materials I use come directly from mother earth, all of the colors are made mixing natural oxides. The finest white porcelain is a perfect base for those bright colours.
  • Fortified by fire: It is burned twice in the special ceramic kiln under 1280 degrees Celsius to achieve the glossy surface and resistance.
  • Waterproof: You can swim or bath with it and colors will never fade!
  • Dimensions: The pendant size is  1.2cm. The chain size can be chosen by yourself and indicated in the note once you proceed with the order.

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