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porcelain jewellery and ceramics
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Ceramic pendant
Ceramic necklace

Ceramic pendant necklace with orange flame

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Enjoy this bright and colorful pendant necklace with orange glaze that resembles flame! It is perfect for the people that love small, yet catchy details that express their uniqueness through clothing. 

  • Handcrafted by artist: I made this necklace at my ceramic studio from the scratch, inspired by the beauty of fires and vulcanoes. 
  • Natural materials: being concerned about environment, I always use materials, that come directly from mother earth: white clay and natural pigments. They appear in their best way after firing them under 1260 degrees. Fire also leaves them glossy and resistant.
  • Waterproof: you can take it to the shower or swim in the ocean ! It will look awesome with your swimming suit. 
  • The ideal present: Surprise someone by offering them a unique gift, which they could never find elsewhere.
  • Adjustable size: you can move little knots in order to make it long or short anytime!

E-mail me if you have any doubts about this product! 

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