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porcelain jewellery and ceramics
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Brown and beige ceramic earrings with Nerikomi pattern

Brown and beige ceramic earrings with Nerikomi pattern

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Adorn your lovely ears withclay ceramic earrings that are made using a contemporary Japanese technique of mixing colours to reveal a pattern. Each piece is made using white and black clay and natural oxides, giving an effect that is comparable to wonderful movements of the elements around us. High quality stainless steel allows each masterpiece to transform into earrings you can wear beautifully with most outfits.

  • Handmade to perfection. Each earring is handcrafted in a ceramic studio using natural materials to achieve beautiful results.
  • Fortified by fire. A heat of 1150º is used twice to form a crystalline glasslike ceramic that is durable.
  • Small enough to be subtle. This 2.8cm diameter circle earrings will not steal all the attention from your face but will be a beautiful addition to it.
  • Completely waterproof. Take it with you to the beach or the pool, and even in the shower. Each earring is 100% waterproof and can be soaked.
  • An ideal present. Make someone’s day extra special and give a gift that you will never find elsewhere.

Art and fashion go hand in hand. Order today and wear a physical manifestation of art to decorate your unique face.

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